Wang Suan Sunandha As the district court within the palace. Which King Rama V. He graciously. Built as a royal manner, instead of resting places visited cities. He has a royal garden with a wild garden. So ordered To find a good flower and rare species planted in the garden, too. This park gets its name from the name of the park, named Indra heaven. "Sunanta Park" and the name of Her Majesty Princess Sunanta Hughes. King Rat His wife, who was very dear to him. In addition, also ordered To build a house to comfort the residence of party bosses. But because he died before. The building is not yet completed, the royal will.

When King Rama VI ascended to the throne. His works have a place in the Grand Palace in confined spaces. Not a party in the presence of royalty. So please create palace and many other buildings in the area Sunandha back. Please provide the residence of his wife and daughter in the Dowager concubine. King Rama V, Number 32 residence buildings including the residence of the courtiers. The Bible was her mother. His line satisfying phrase Krom Lynn Sineenadh. Commemoration Pdiwrada Came and sat at the palace late Lynn Noppadon (Building 27) from 1924 to 1929 (died at the palace to mark Sunandha) because in those days the nobles officials who titled adopted daughter. And for entrusting their children to the mother makes her a lot of her mother was sent to create. "NIPA Carmi school" within the Degree. Teaching the course of the study period. Jariyawiroj etiquette skills training as well as a lady.

But the year 1932 has been a change in the rule. Those parliamentarians Degree in dreaded fear of politics. The trades are barred from Sunandha depletion. He came out in some cities and many political refugees, he went to live abroad. Nipa Carmi quit school so carried away by default. Secondary ever since been spectacular, it was abandoned. Lack of care residence in great disrepair. The wilderness area Later in the reign of King Ananda Mahidol. The regent Secondary abandoned wastelands that are not useful. Therefore, the Prime Minister not take advantage. As housing minister and legislator. But the House of Representatives, just outside the walls Samsen Road building is the home of the MPs only. Cabinet resolved reasonably. This should take place for the benefit of education and given to the Ministry of Justice. (Ministry of Education today) to set up a national academy. This study provides the name and location while maintaining the original name of the place. To commemorate Dubbed by "Secondary school College" study launched since 1937 onwards.
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